Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Louise Gray for Topshop Brush Set

Make up brushes, £35.00, Louise Gray for Topshop

I've been unimpressed with Louise Gray's make up for Topshop, however, the colours of the brush set were just irresistible. I love mint green, and the brassy gold fixtures look more expensive than the typical stainless steel or yellow gold ones you normally see. 

It's worth having good make up brushes. These are so soft and I love their little dyed tips.

I will use...
the smallest to line eyes with dark powder, 
the larger shadow brush for light colour on the lids, 
the foundation brush for highlighter, 
the smaller powder brush for pink blusher on cheeky apples,
 the largest brush for translucent powder over BB cream or foundation. 

Fabienne x

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Style Storage

Here is a cheeky peek at my wardrobes. 

The first has no doors, as I use it as more of a desk/display for things I can just grab quickly. I keep my perfume, jewellery and hand bags here as well as various other bits and bobs. 
I keep my finer jewellery and rings in a Stackers box, from House of Fraser, and larger costume jewellery and collars in a big white leather jewellery box. My boyfriend only has one tiny section of this space for his fragrance, hair wax and contact lenses... He's lucky to even have that with me around!

Also, meet Benjamin, my French Bulldog money box from Ben De Lisi's collection for Debenhams. I'm going to start filling him up with £1, £2 and £5s to save for a rainy day. 

In my other wardrobe I like a lot of drawer space, as I'm too lazy to hang most things up. I make the most of this space by also keeping make-up in a perspex organiser (have a look on Amazon) and use clothes rail shelves from Ikea to house hair and skincare products. I also have a drawer organiser from Ikea where I keep odd bits, nail varnishes and body care. I always have some handy scissors in here for cutting out tags. 

Fabienne x

Three Quid Blouse

Pink Blouse, £2.95, Cancer Research UK Charity Shop
Charcoal crew neck jumper, £20.00, New Look (menswear)
Floral peg trousers, £45.00, ASOS Premium

There are not many things that could fill me with such excitement for under £3.00. This blouse was in a local charity shop, which I had popped into on my lunch break with my work friends. I was amazed at the amazing things you could find with a bit of a rummage. My colleague also got a black beaded envelope clutch for £2.00! 

Absolutely amazing seeing as I have seen items just like this blouse and her bag in places like Beyond Retro in Brick Lane, London, for more like £20.00. 

I will wear this with a boyish jumper and printed trousers now, and on it's own with 7/8 light grey trousers in warmer weather. 

Save yourself a hell of a lot of money and look in charity shops before 'vintage' ones. Especially in January while we're all paying off Christmas. 

Fabienne x

Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year's Eve Break in Bath

Because Carlos and I didn't spend Christmas together (Carlos goes to see his family), we like to go away over New Year's Eve together. 

We had an amazing time in Bath. It is definitely my favourite British city. I had long lazy baths in Bath (because I like the word play) and went for long walks around the whole city. On new year's eve itself, we went for dinner at a Loch Fyne restaurant, and had lobster frites. This is now my new favourite food. 

I took this break to be my final days of indulgence before dieting in the new year, so drank a lot of prosecco and pear cidre, ate a lot of brie, butter and the Laduree macaroons we went to Harrods to get especially. 

Now that I am back, I am using the MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone to count calories and hopefully lose some weight gradually. I'm not one for crazy fasts as it just comes back on again; doing it slow and steady means I should be able to maintain it. 

My new years resolutions are to lose weight and save money. What are yours? 

Happy New Year. 
May it be filled with love, laughter and lots of new stuff.

Fabienne x