Should you have any question, feel free to comment or email me and I will answer them here.

What is your height and weight?
I am 5'5, or 165cm tall. I don't know my exact weight, I prefer to go by how I look and feel in clothes. I am currently a size 12-14 in UK.

Where do you shop for clothes?
I tend to get everyday clothes from ASOS, Topshop, H&M, New Look and Dorothy Perkins. I invest in good quality coats and handbags from British brands like Barbour and mulberry and high street brands like Ted Baker.

Where do you buy your home decor stuff?
I get a lot of pieces from London markets, such as Shoreditch vintage market on a Thursday. Car boot sales are brilliant if you're good at sifting through crap to find the treasures. TK Maxx has a lot of great branded things such as kitchenware, bedding, cushions, towels and mirrors at really cheap prices so I get a lot from there.

Where can I find cheap furniture?
Look to ikea, Asda, tesco and Argos for classic basics. For stand out pieces look in Homesense, TK Maxx and best of all, gumtree. The cheap alternative to 'vintage' furniture buying.

Is Fabienne Golly your actual name? 
No it isn't. Fabienne is a nickname, and Golly is just a funny word. I use the pseudonym for the sole purpose of this blog.

What is yours and Carlos ethnicities? 
Carlos is Welsh, and I am English, with a bit of Scottish, Irish and 'something Eastern' thrown in to the mix.

Fabienne x

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