Sunday, 10 March 2013

"No one should be without a dog."

"No one should be without a dog." The words of a man interviewed at Crufts on Channel 4 earlier.

I couldn't agree more. Sadly, however, I am without dog. I live with Carlos in a little flat, and both of us work full time- we simply can't provide a good home to a dog at the moment. So, for now I must make do with watching programmes about dogs, dogsitting for friends and going a little bit crazy for random dogs in the street, which I'm sure must be a little alarming for some people. Carlos and I have a strange habit of 'papping' dogs we see throughout the day and sending them to each other.

Anyway, less of my insane behaviours, what that man at Crufts said has inspired me to post some pictures of my fashion heroines and their dogs. They are amazing accessories after all!

Mirander Kerr, Michelle Williams, Rihanna, Kelly Osbourne, Rachel, Bilson, Lily Allen, Blake Lively, Liv Tyler, Millie Macintosh, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kate Moss, Ashley Olsen, Gwen Stefani, Olivia Palermo, Eva Green and last but definitely not least, Kate Middleton.

Fabienne x

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