Monday, 11 March 2013

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins hasn't got a particularly good reputation. The name certainly doesn't help, let's be honest. However, if you look at the clothes as if you are browsing in Topshop (it is part of the same retail group, anyway) and there are some really nice pieces to be found there. Try and look beyond the slightly mumsy clothing, sturdy heels, sensible work blouses and cheap looking handbags, and find the gems. I managed to do that today.

Printed jeans £25
Shoes £18
Jacket £45

The jeans are really soft and stretchy, meaning they'd be really comfy for day or night, and could even be smartened up enough to wear to work. I love wearing print, but only if it's quite understated, so this is perfect.

The shoes are an absolute steal. They look and feel more expensive than £18, and will replace my other flat black pumps for work as they're getting quite tatty. 

The jacket is not something I'd normally go for, as I think structured shoulders and a boxy fit make me look wide as I'm quite busty, but this one is cut well so it defines my waist and can fit over my chest. The black trim means it will go with the rest of my workwear (I love black and greys) and will look great with ankle grazer grazer peg trousers.

Fabienne x

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