Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Secret life in sweatpants

After a hard day at my desk, a heavy night out with friends or a long day of shopping and running errands, surely it's only natural for me to pine for something comfortable to cover my weary body in? 

So, I wear sweatpants. All the time. If I am in my flat, I am wearing sweatpants. It is even the first thing I do when I get in or get up. I have quite a collection now, so many in fact that they have their own big drawer in my wardrobe. 

And it doesn't just stop at sweatpants. I like hoodies. And soft tshirts. And slipper socks. Worst of all, or better of all, depending on how you're reading into this, I have a onesie. 

I'm sure many of you are the same. You must be. So I think it is time we embraced it. 

My favourite store for hoodies and joggers is Superdry. They're English, good quality and come in lots of different designs and colours. These are on my wishlist...

Superdry hoodies £44.99
Superdry 'heritage hockey' joggers £49.99
Superdry 'S&D Athletic' jogger £44.99

I also think that everyone should own a jumpsuit from the Norwegian brand, Onepiece. I have the grey one pictured below, but am also lusting for the tri-coloured one...

Onepiece jumpsuits, £129.00

At the top of my wishlist, however, is some cashmere joggers. How luxurious, and stupidly indulgent would that be?! These are from Rosie Huntington Whitely's range for Marks and Spencer, and make me yearn like a Godknowswhat. The colour and the fact they're cashmere make them more sophisticated. I bet even Kate Middleton has some. 

Marks and Spencer cashmere joggers, £99.00

Fabienne x

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