Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Secret life in sweatpants

After a hard day at my desk, a heavy night out with friends or a long day of shopping and running errands, surely it's only natural for me to pine for something comfortable to cover my weary body in? 

So, I wear sweatpants. All the time. If I am in my flat, I am wearing sweatpants. It is even the first thing I do when I get in or get up. I have quite a collection now, so many in fact that they have their own big drawer in my wardrobe. 

And it doesn't just stop at sweatpants. I like hoodies. And soft tshirts. And slipper socks. Worst of all, or better of all, depending on how you're reading into this, I have a onesie. 

I'm sure many of you are the same. You must be. So I think it is time we embraced it. 

My favourite store for hoodies and joggers is Superdry. They're English, good quality and come in lots of different designs and colours. These are on my wishlist...

Superdry hoodies £44.99
Superdry 'heritage hockey' joggers £49.99
Superdry 'S&D Athletic' jogger £44.99

I also think that everyone should own a jumpsuit from the Norwegian brand, Onepiece. I have the grey one pictured below, but am also lusting for the tri-coloured one...

Onepiece jumpsuits, £129.00

At the top of my wishlist, however, is some cashmere joggers. How luxurious, and stupidly indulgent would that be?! These are from Rosie Huntington Whitely's range for Marks and Spencer, and make me yearn like a Godknowswhat. The colour and the fact they're cashmere make them more sophisticated. I bet even Kate Middleton has some. 

Marks and Spencer cashmere joggers, £99.00

Fabienne x

Monday, 11 March 2013

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins hasn't got a particularly good reputation. The name certainly doesn't help, let's be honest. However, if you look at the clothes as if you are browsing in Topshop (it is part of the same retail group, anyway) and there are some really nice pieces to be found there. Try and look beyond the slightly mumsy clothing, sturdy heels, sensible work blouses and cheap looking handbags, and find the gems. I managed to do that today.

Printed jeans £25
Shoes £18
Jacket £45

The jeans are really soft and stretchy, meaning they'd be really comfy for day or night, and could even be smartened up enough to wear to work. I love wearing print, but only if it's quite understated, so this is perfect.

The shoes are an absolute steal. They look and feel more expensive than £18, and will replace my other flat black pumps for work as they're getting quite tatty. 

The jacket is not something I'd normally go for, as I think structured shoulders and a boxy fit make me look wide as I'm quite busty, but this one is cut well so it defines my waist and can fit over my chest. The black trim means it will go with the rest of my workwear (I love black and greys) and will look great with ankle grazer grazer peg trousers.

Fabienne x

Polaroid Radio Review

Polaroid Digital Radio with ipod dock in cream leather look, £60.00, Asda

I was looking for a new digital radio for a while. Like a lot of people, I find getting up in the morning is one of the hardest things EVER, but regularly listening to a breakfast show seems to do the trick. But the radio I had was black and boring.

The most obvious choice that sprung to mind was a digital Robert's radio, you know, the really expensive retro leather jobbies. Whilst I was debating which colour to get, I stumbled across this one in my local Asda Home shop. It has the same retro look of the Roberts radio, but with more modern dials and buttons, and a brilliant pop-out ipod dock, and an aux-in port (so I can link it up to my ipad or macbook as well as my ipod or iPhone... God I have too many apples). Anyway, I made the purchase, and have been very happy with it. The sound quality is brilliant and it looks lovely. It's also light enough to move around without having to think about it, especially as it has a handy hand handle. 

You can get one at Asda online here: 

Fabienne x

Sunday, 10 March 2013

"No one should be without a dog."

"No one should be without a dog." The words of a man interviewed at Crufts on Channel 4 earlier.

I couldn't agree more. Sadly, however, I am without dog. I live with Carlos in a little flat, and both of us work full time- we simply can't provide a good home to a dog at the moment. So, for now I must make do with watching programmes about dogs, dogsitting for friends and going a little bit crazy for random dogs in the street, which I'm sure must be a little alarming for some people. Carlos and I have a strange habit of 'papping' dogs we see throughout the day and sending them to each other.

Anyway, less of my insane behaviours, what that man at Crufts said has inspired me to post some pictures of my fashion heroines and their dogs. They are amazing accessories after all!

Mirander Kerr, Michelle Williams, Rihanna, Kelly Osbourne, Rachel, Bilson, Lily Allen, Blake Lively, Liv Tyler, Millie Macintosh, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kate Moss, Ashley Olsen, Gwen Stefani, Olivia Palermo, Eva Green and last but definitely not least, Kate Middleton.

Fabienne x

ASOS Saved List

I don't know where on earth my money has gone lately. Unfortunately, all of these have had to go into the ol' saved list instead of my basket. Sob. 

ASOS flatforms, £35.00
Vivienne Westwood watch, £185.00
ASOS jeans, £40.00
Sessun Liberty Floral dress, £135.00
Pieces bag, £45.00
ASOS top £16.00
Benefit 'Fine One One', £23.50

I think these flatforms would be just brilliant when the weather warms up. Perfect for after-dark at a festival, or with just jeans and a tshirt at the weekends. 

I love a bit of tartan. How British can you get! Good ol' Viv.

I've been a bit wary of boyfriend jeans- I'm worried that on my sizable bottom they will look awful. However, I think the slimmer fit of these will help make legs look longer, and if worn with a longer length top to cover my hips a bit I think they could be flattering after all.

I am not one for dresses normally- I tend to feel like a bit of a tit in them. Having said that, there are days where I throw open my wardrobe doors hoping to find a pretty, simple, floral number to wear. This ticks all of those boxes, and the muted colours make it less scary me.

Handbags generally go unused by me. I was always with a big handbag until a while ago I forgot to take one on a weekend away with Carlos, and had to go all around London with nothing but my phone in m'pocket. I was amazed at how free, agile and relaxed I felt, so much so that I only really take a bag to work now. This one is perfect for work; nice and simple and big enough for anything.

This top is the perfect mix of slouchy, roughed up and sexy. Add some sparkle and it'll go to the pub, add some Levi cut-offs and it will go to a festival. You would have this forever. Sod it- This one's going in the basket. 

Blusher is one of my absolute essentials, yet I am still to find one I reeeally love. This one seems to be in with a chance. Gorgeous packaging, adjustable colour and it's orange tint should work will with my hazel eyes and dark hair. Here's hoping!

Fabienne x

Saturday, 9 March 2013

My few flat

Now that Carlos and I are settled in and the flat is now more like home, and we finally have broadband set up, I thought I'd share some of my favourite parts of it with you. Apart from a minor ladybird incident in the kitchen, all has gone smoothly thank goodness. 

The Porch

1. My front door. Old fashioned brass knockers look much more stylish than doorbells. 
2. His and hers wellington's in select colours make like an accessory.
3. This unit was only £20 from ikea. Rest a cheap mirror on top and hide shoes away in cardboard boxes and you have a sleek shoe rack. I have a scented candle and a faux flower in a cider bottle for personality.
4. Meet Benjamin. He is a French Bulldog money box from Ben De Lisi for Debenhams. The whole range is amazing, go and look at it. 

The hallway/study

1. These 1950's cats are one of my favourite finds. I got them for £4 each at Shoreditch antiques market, and look lovely on the white desk. The faux flowers and vase are from Wilkinsons for really cheap and the Prestat chocolate box is handy to keep memory sticks and cables in.
2. Little details like the clothes tag hanging from a shelf (this one is FiFi Factory, a brand Topshop stock) add bits of interest and personality- and much needed colour.
3. I have fully utilised the long and spacious hallway by turning it into a study.The desk is from Ikea, and is a whopping 2m long, so that both Carlos and I have our own space. I think the large clock gives the room a more industrial feel, along with the charcoal grey chairs. Keeping things monotone makes the room feel airy and organised. 

The Living Room

1. Doing your own painting makes it much more personal, and you get exactly the kind of thing you want! I get my paints and canvas' from The Works- so much cheaper than anywhere else. I did this freehand, but you can easily trace images of your choice. It's also a great way of tying in your colour scheme. 
2. My favourite piece of furniture is the massive coffee table which was only £23 from Ikea. I have loaded it up with magazines and books, a Molton Brown candle in 'pink peppercorn' and a vase of sunflowers. The cushions are from TK Maxx, and the lamp is Wilkinsons. You can just about make out some of the coasters- these are from Shoreditch market, and were mix and match from hundreds of designs for £3 each. 
3. I tend to buy faux flowers as they are cheaper because they, obviously, last a lifetime. However, as a treat, real flowers really are nicer. Sunflowers add some colour without looking tacky or out of place. 

The Bedroom

1. My new, highly organised wardrobe. Maximising the storage options means that you need fewer wardrobes, so I got plenty of shelves and drawers in there as well as a rail.
2. Another one of my favourite pieces, a vintage Anglepoise lamp. Well worth the investment, and in my favourite colour too! Great for reading in bed. 
3. This mirror is from Newgate (most famous for clocks). It was a present years ago from my sister, and I just love it. It's big enough to use for doing hair and make up at, and has beautiful foil images as a border, of vintage perfume bottles and pearls etc... Just fabulous. 
4. Instead of splashing out on an expensive throw or blanket, I just got this scarf from Shoreditch market to have at the foot of the bed. 

The Kitchen

1. On my kitchen worktop I have my radio, which is really retro looking, but is actually digital and has an ipod dock. It was £70 from Asda, a lot cheaper than a Robert's one.
The knife block and scales are from TK Maxx and I use a Panettone tin as a bread bin.
Every kitchen should have a cactus, they're near impossible to neglect to death, and a wooden board. It will last a lifetime and looks great on the counter.
2. My stag head was bought on Amazon for £40, and was totally worth it. The detail on it is amazing and it's just the right size.
3. I make my own garlic oil by adding 2 bulbs of roughly chopped garlic to mild olive oil and letting it infuse for a month or so before using it. It will last for about 6 months and saves having to use fresh garlic when cooking.
4. My espresso cup was a present from my sister, I leave it out on the counter next to the Nespresso machine as it is too pretty to hide!

Fabienne x

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Molton Brown Rose Granati

When it come to your home, I think it's the little details that really make it special and it's life's little luxuries that make me happiest.

Molton Brown's Rose Granati hand wash is definitely one of my little luxuries- it simply smells Devine! It reminds me of Jo Malone's Blue Agava and Cocao fragrance. It's a spicy, heady floral that fills your bathroom and the thick lather leaves your hands feeling soft and moisturised.

£16 is a lot to spend on a hand wash, but it is a feature in my bathroom and looks really impressive to guests.

Fabienne x