Sunday, 10 March 2013

ASOS Saved List

I don't know where on earth my money has gone lately. Unfortunately, all of these have had to go into the ol' saved list instead of my basket. Sob. 

ASOS flatforms, £35.00
Vivienne Westwood watch, £185.00
ASOS jeans, £40.00
Sessun Liberty Floral dress, £135.00
Pieces bag, £45.00
ASOS top £16.00
Benefit 'Fine One One', £23.50

I think these flatforms would be just brilliant when the weather warms up. Perfect for after-dark at a festival, or with just jeans and a tshirt at the weekends. 

I love a bit of tartan. How British can you get! Good ol' Viv.

I've been a bit wary of boyfriend jeans- I'm worried that on my sizable bottom they will look awful. However, I think the slimmer fit of these will help make legs look longer, and if worn with a longer length top to cover my hips a bit I think they could be flattering after all.

I am not one for dresses normally- I tend to feel like a bit of a tit in them. Having said that, there are days where I throw open my wardrobe doors hoping to find a pretty, simple, floral number to wear. This ticks all of those boxes, and the muted colours make it less scary me.

Handbags generally go unused by me. I was always with a big handbag until a while ago I forgot to take one on a weekend away with Carlos, and had to go all around London with nothing but my phone in m'pocket. I was amazed at how free, agile and relaxed I felt, so much so that I only really take a bag to work now. This one is perfect for work; nice and simple and big enough for anything.

This top is the perfect mix of slouchy, roughed up and sexy. Add some sparkle and it'll go to the pub, add some Levi cut-offs and it will go to a festival. You would have this forever. Sod it- This one's going in the basket. 

Blusher is one of my absolute essentials, yet I am still to find one I reeeally love. This one seems to be in with a chance. Gorgeous packaging, adjustable colour and it's orange tint should work will with my hazel eyes and dark hair. Here's hoping!

Fabienne x

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