Saturday, 22 December 2012

Benefit BROWzings

I use Benefit BROWzings in dark every day to define my eyebrows. Well, I say define, in my case I have to draw on my eyebrows as there is practically no natural eyebrow. They are very fair, but there is not much point in dying them as they are also really sparse and fine. 

The only good thing about having my eyebrows is that I can change them to suit the rest of my make-up, my hairstyle and my whole outfit or look as I see fit. 
I tend to have thin eyebrows when I want to look really polished and put-together, such as a posh dinner out with the boyfriend or when I have a meeting at work. 
I do thick, lighter coloured brows when I am more barefaced and natural at weekends.
I do thicker and darker eyebrows when I am wearing false eyelashes for a night out and when I'm wanting to achieve more of a masculine look, i.e. with a buttoned up blouse and jumper.

I do my eyebrows after applying foundation/BB cream, concealer and translucent powder, as it gives the product something to stick to. I also use tweezerman tweezers (not the little useless ones in the BROWzings kit) to neaten any stray hairs beforehand. 

For thick brows, I use the hard angled brush to apply the pigmented wax in an upward direction, starting from the middle. I continue to apply it in this way, frequently reloading the brush, for two thirds of the brow before turning the brush and gliding the wax down to a neat point. I then repeat the process on the other brow. When they are both done I check they are symmetrical, fixing with cotton buds and reapplying where necessary. I leave them like this if I want a lighter colour, but if I want it darker I apply the powder with the blending brush in dabbing motions. The powder also makes it last longer.

For thinner brows, I apply the pigmented wax with the hard angled brush in short strokes along the eyebrow following the direction of the hair, often using the brush to 'tuck in' hairs that are sticking out of line. Thin brows are a lot quicker to do, so I often do this look for work, plus it looks like it is more high maintenance.

Fabienne x

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