Saturday, 22 December 2012

I turn to you

Here are five of my fashion and beauty heroines.

I love Holly Willoughby for how she dresses her size 12 figure, I turn to her when I feel chubs and self-conscious. Think big hair, thick falselashes, minimal accessories and a pencil dress. An Easy, simple and sexy going out outfit. However, I like Fearne Cotton for the opposite. She takes lots of risks, wearing frumpy vintage blouses and lots of bright separates- something I struggle to find the confidence to do most days. I turn to her for work wear, where I like to look chic and professional and slightly boyish. So, think 7/8 trousers in prints, buttoned up cardigans, shirts and vintage blouses and nude court shoes and eyeliner flicks to keep it young.

Carine Restoin Roitfeld is simply fabulous. I love her for her flat-out glam goth looks and layering up lots of black in different textures. I turned to her when deciding how to dye my hair. I got a deep mahogany at the roots and a red brown at the mid lengths. I already had ombréd hair, but adding a red element made it look much more luxurious, warmed up my complexion and it shows off my hazel eyes.

Kate Moss needs no explanation.

Kate middleton, however, has become a bit of a cliché. I, like everyone else, love her for her impossibly groomed hair. I also turn to her for eyebrow inspiration, believe it or not. Despite being dark haired I have quite fair and sparse eyebrows, so fill them in (in a different shape each day- but mostly in 'the Kate'). I will post a eyebrow specific post in due course.

Fabienne x

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